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We are a non-profit, all-volunteer group dedicated to raising awareness about the need for urgent action to preserve the globally rare Coastal Pine Barrens of Southeastern Massachusetts.

We believe that by providing learning opportunities and building an action-oriented network of conservation groups, businesses, and individuals, we can pool our resources and turn around the trend of deteriorating Coastal Pine Barrens habitat and move toward a future of cooperative living between humankind and the natural world.

Endangered turtles live in Pine Barrens habitat.
The endangered Northern Red-bellied Cooter lives in Pine Barrens habitat.
Nine ponds in Plymouth serve as homes for this endangered species.

Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership

SEMPBA is proud to serve as the coordinator for the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership. The Pine Barrens Partnership is a Regional Conservation Partnership (RCP). SEMPBA is the host organization for the Partnership, which is under the direction of a Steering Committee.

The mission of the Pine Barrens Partnership is to bring about broad recognition of the unique qualities and intrinsic value of the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens, to ensure the protection of its most endearing cultural and environmental attributes and its amazing diversity of plants and animals, and to continually celebrate the Pine Barrens’ important contributions to our quality of life, to the landscape’s resiliency, and to the enduring appeal of the ecosystem to residents and visitors alike.

Unique among RCPs, the geographic scope of the Pine Barrens Partnership is delineated by the boundary of a globally rare ecosystem which today encompasses 31 municipalities and four counties and is owned and/or managed by individuals, federal, state and municipal entities, land banks, trusts and others. A region-wide, cross-jurisdictional effort is needed to protect sustainable representations of the 40 natural communities in this region as identified by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program.

Learn more about the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership at pinebarrenspartnership.org.

Our "Where Do You Love" survey will be used to create a conservation vision map for the Partnership.
Our “Where Do You Love” survey will be used to create a conservation vision map for the Partnership.

Help Support SEMPBA!

SEMPBA is an all-volunteer, 501(3)(c) non-profit organization.We need your help to continue our work to protect and conserve the  Coastal Pine Barrens. Please consider donating or volunteering to support our programs.

Your support allows us to maintain the Hauthaway Nature Center, hire a full-time TerraCorps service member, continue the Northern Red-bellied Cooter Head Start program, host educational workshops, organize community events, and more. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!


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