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Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens
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With the help of MassGIS and the DFG GIS program, the BioMap2 Core Habitats and Critical Natural Landscapes are available through an online interactive mapping program.
Link to Mass Wildlife Interactive BioMap2

Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Map

The map above depicts the three remaining areas of pitch pine-scrub oak forests in the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens eoregion. Southeastern Massachusetts contains the 2nd largest pitch pine-scrub oak forest lands. Long Island once contained the 2nd largest forested area but development has significantly reduced the amount of forests, making SE Mass number two in pitch pine-scrub oak habitat along the Atlantic seaboard.

The Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) lists 182 species of plants and animals as endangered, threatened or of special concern just within the Massachusetts Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Ecoregion. Some of these species occur in disjunct communities only within the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregions of the three states.
View NHESP's list of endangered species within the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregion.


Massachusetts Pine Barrens Map

Pitch Pine-Scrub Oak / Conservation Land Managing Agencies Map
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SEMPBA thanks Paul Gregory, Management Forester, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, for creating and printing of SE Mass Pine Barrens maps.

Pine Barrens Map showing all natural communities

Pine Barrens map including all natural community types.

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