Goal: Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free. Head out to Center Hill beach and use the CleanSwell app to easily record each item of trash you collect.

Ages: All ages, but younger children should be accompanied by an adult

What would I do?: 

  1. Download the Ocean Conservancy’s free CleanSwell app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). If you don’t have a smartphone, you can grab a clipboard and a collection sheet from a volunteer at the Center Hill Preserve and record what you find on the sheet.
  2. Collect Trash along Center Hill Beach (our preference) - tap the icons on the app to record what categories of trash you find and snap photos as you collect. Click “Done Collecting” when you are finished. Make sure you enter “Center Hill Preserve” as your location so that all of our data will be aggregated in the same place.
  3. Review your information and submit your data via the app! You’ll receive a report via email that we hope you’ll share with us. Bring your bag of trash to the Center when you’re done so we can photograph you with your trash. If you use the app regularly you’ll also earn badges that you can share via social media. 

Why is it important?: Plastic pollution is an increasing problem for fish and wildlife in our oceans, and this project can give public and private organizations the information they need to devise effective solutions.

Who to contact to get involved: Fill out this form or contact Frank Mand ([email protected])