Center Hill Pond. Photo: Joe Davies
Center Hill Pond. Photo: Joe Davies

Goal: To aid the town of Plymouth in implementing their Pond and Lake Sampling (PALS) program, better understand the seasonal and storm impacts on the water quality of the Plymouth/Carver Aquifer, and provide information to community members about the processes which may impact the ponds they interact within the town and throughout the ecoregion.

Ages: High school or older

What would I do?: Aid SEMPBA volunteers in collecting and testing water samples from ponds throughout Plymouth. Training is available. 

Why is it important?: The Plymouth/Carver Aquifer is the community's only source for drinking water.  You could be part of a new initiative to test and record water quality in ponds that directly connect to the aquifer and help develop a fuller understanding of the processes are impacting our drinking water supply.

Who can I contact to get involved?: Frank Mand at [email protected].

Visit The Living Observatory OneWater website for more information about Plymouth's water: